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    Demi Lovato Doesn’t Care If You See Her Leaked Pics, So That’s Cool

      Demi Lovato was included in the latest round of nude leaks of basics. This is her story. *Law & Order music is hummed*   I love how everyone’s...


    Boy Embarrassed Of Vitiligo Meets Dog With Same Skin Condition

    Boy Embarrassed Of Vitiligo Meets Dog With Same Skin Condition March 23, 2017 8-year-old Carter Blanchard of Searcy, Arkansas, isn’t feeling so alone since meeting a dog halfway...


    BlackBerry Wants to Protect Your Phone From Prying Eyes

    Do you ever feel like the person next to you on the subway is staring at your phone and reading your texts? Of course you do, because we all...


    Trailer Debut: 'Casting JonBenet'

    Kitty Green’s film, which revisits the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, will air on Netflix beginning April 28. read more Source link


    Bella Thorne Lives In A Bikini Now

      As stated before, not sure if Bella Thorne has a good trainer or found a site that sells cheap meth online. Either way, she likes to be in...


    Here’s Ashley Graham With A Bagel Bra

      We get it, Ashley Graham really loves carbs. She really didn’t need to tell us this. Millions of bagels don’t have to die so that she can live. What...


    Opiate-Addicted Birds Are Stealing Precious Opium Poppies. I Have Solutions

    Here’s a feel good story: according to the UK’s Mirror, opium-addicted birds are swooping down onto poppy fields in India, then gorging themselves on opiate-rich sap, sometimes dying.  Pictured:...