Woody Harrelson Just May Be the Ultimate Sidekick Actor

by Patrick Green

Photo: Netflix

Woody Harrelson’s new Netflix movie The Highwaymen finds the veteran character actor in a familiar role, playing co-pilot to Kevin Costner. The two play former Texas Rangers who come out of retirement to hunt down the infamous Bonnie and Clyde. While Costner gets the hero shots and one-liners that come with playing legendary lawman Frank Hamer, Harrelson’s Maney Gault is the barb-spitting curmudgeon we would want to crack a beer with.

Since breaking out on the television show Cheers, Harrelson has made a decades-spanning career out of playing sidekicks who’re more interesting and likable than the heroes that we’re supposed to be cheering for. Think about it: True Detective, Zombieland, Now You See Me, White Men Can’t Jump, Semi-Pro –the list is endless, as are the movie memories. But else would you expect from a dude named Woody?

Harrelson might be Hollywood’s best sidekick, but there are plenty of actors who hold their own in supporting roles. Check out our favorites. Which ones are yours?

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