Rugby Star Luke Casey Tackles Instagram’s Biggest Food Fads

by Emmy Mack

Any fan of Luke Casey, rugby, food or all of the above will be thrilled with our latest team-up.

In the current age of Instagram, too often the food that folks choose to shove down their gullets is valued more for how it looks with a sexy filter than how it actually tastes. Well, Mandatory has teamed up with Papa Giuseppe’s Pizza to put some of 2018’s biggest food fads to the test.

We recruited 24-year-old Eastwood Rugby Union star, bonafide Instagram influencer and general snack enthusiast, Luke Casey, to tackle (with his mouth) a bunch of 2018’s biggest food fads and see if they measure up when it comes to the (literal) crunch.

Will avoccinos, zoodles and activated almonds score a tasty try or get chucked in the sin bin?

Watch Casey’s hilarious reactions in this video!

Purchase the full range of Papa Giuseppi’s at your local Woolworths today.

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