Hot HS Basketball Coach Arrested For Alleged ‘Sexual Relationship’ With Student

This is just wrong.

You read these teacher student sex scandals and feel bad for the student being put into a position he’s not mature enough to handle, but then you look at the teachers and feel even worse because most of them look like Steve Bannon in a wig.

Dude looks like he’s syphillis. Not like he has syphillis, but IS syphillis. As in, should anyone ever come into physical contact with Steve Bannon they should get tested immediately, as he is the living embodiment of the disease and passes it around a-la “Midas Touch” since no one in their right minds is getting naked around that

But Ann Kuroki, a former basketball coach at Gooding High School…

…DAMN. Say what you want about the bleached hair, but girlfriend is CUTE. Not “skydive through rings of fire just to fart on her taint” level of cute, but more like “I’d let her eat my butt and then block her number” type of attractive. Who doesn’t like some good ol’ fashioned butt stuff? Not Ann Kuroki, that’s (assuming) who.

According to Daily Mail, Kuroki was hired back in October as a coach for the boys’ basketball team at Gooding High School just outside of Boise, Idaho. Prior to graduating from Southern Virginia University in 2015, she played for the women’s basketball team and was even made captain during her senior year.

Police reportedly began investigating Kuroki after receiving a tip that she was “potentially engaged in a relationship with a student.” While no details about the alleged relationship have been released, Police Chief Fisher stated that the school district would be conducting an internal investigation in addition to the ongoing criminal investigation. In the meantime, however, Daily Mail reports that an agenda for Tuesday’s school board meeting shows an agenda item for Kuroki’s termination.

Kuroki is currently being held without bail at the Gooding County Jail on a felony child molestation charge. She was booked Friday night, and could face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

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