Here’s The Rest Of Rita Ora Topless For ‘Lui’

Rita Ora Topless

Good news: Rita Ora topless was a thing people really wanted to see. I was unaware. Better news: Here’s the rest of the pics. There’s like 12 more, but if you cut some up and reassemble them, you’ll have a naked Rita Ora you can call your very own. How great would that be? I bet that would be pretty great. Ok, maybe not great because you’ll have printed this pictures out and cut them up and taped them together, so that means you probably need some sort of psyciatic treatment or something else to do with your time that doesn’t make you look like a serial killer. Wait. I’m sorry. I don’t want to serial killer shame anyone. That was not my intent.

Again, these are very NSFW. I feel like I’ve mentioned this before. 

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