Garbage Collector and#039;Secret Santaand#039; Drops Off Gift For 2-Year-Old Who Waves To Him Every Day

Garbage Collector ‘Secret Santa’ Drops Off Gift For 2-Year-Old Who Waves To Him Every Day

December 26, 2019

A Missouri City garbage collector left his biggest fan a surprise Christmas gift at his doorstep, and the heartwarming moment was captured on the family’s front door camera.

garbage man secret santa
Credit: Saul Luera

Little Aiden loves big trucks.

The 2-year-old fell in love with the garbage truck and so every time he hears it coming down the street, he gets very excited and runs outside.

“So my two year old loves big trucks of all kinda garbage trucks, bull dozer etc.. and can name them all to include the parts,” Aiden’s father Saul wrote in a Facebook post.

“And every morning on trash day he gets up and goes outside to see the garbage truck and waves at the garbage man. Every trash day without a miss.

And today out of no where this kind man left him a present.


All is not lost in this world and in my profession I don’t see a lot of acts of kindness like this. But I want to wish this man and his family a Merry Christmas. Thank you for this gift you left my little one. May god bless you.”

The video shows the city worker walking up to the family’s home and leaving a gift on the porch. The parents said the gift didn’t provide a name indicating who it was from.

Watch the video below.

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