Employee Locks Robber In Store, Begs To Be Let Go After Being Unable To Escape

There comes a point in every life (if not many points) where you have to take a step back, pop a squat in the nearest chair and say “Goddamn am I fucked” as a tsunami of realization crashes into your brain. For some people it’s the night before a big interview when they realize they know absolutely jack shit about programming…

…for others, it’s something more mundane, like bursting a tire in the middle of the night on a deserted road. Yet whenever these moments happen, very rarely do others get to watch in amusement.

This is not one of those times.

Supposedly this is the second time that guy has robbed that store (the first time he got away with $2,000), which is why the employee started yelling before he even made it behind the counter. This begs the question: how stupid do you have to be to rob the same store TWICE without anything hiding your face?  Dude may as well have called ahead to ask how loaded the register was that day.

But let’s not forget about the badass employee. When the robber asks her to open the register she simply says “No, don’t open” then walks out, and THEN gets the woman with the baby to join her outside while she locks him in. She doesn’t try to fight him, doesn’t take matters into her own hands: simply jingles a few keys and pops open a cold one on the sidewalk and waits to see how long it takes him to realize he’s trapped in there. Dude even tries shooting the lock to get out – bruh this isn’t Die Hard, your piece of shit .22 is better used as a tampon than a grand getaway tool.

Around 4:10 is where he starts begging to the people outside to let him out which, understandably, fails just like everything else about his plan. So let this be a lesson to everyone: if you’re gonna rob the same store again, pack heavy and know your exit routes. OR, y’know…pick a store that isn’t in the fucking hood with bars all over the windows and employees who are as used to getting robbed as they are brushing their teeth.

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